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Keeping the Land in Jewish Hands While Observing the Numerous Mitzvot of Owning Private Agricultural Land in Israel by Employing all Jewish Labor (Avoda Ivrit)


For almost the last ten (10) years, Joel Yosef Busner and his associate, Rabbi Yisrael Kaniel (Kane), of ‘Buy a Piece of Israel’ have been assisting Jews both in Israel and in the Diaspora to purchase various types of real estate in the Holy Land.  The idea began with encouraging Jews everywhere to become more attached to the Land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael) by purchasing a piece of it.


“One Who Purchases 4 Amot (Cubits) in the Land of Israel is assured a portion in the World to Come” 
(Midrash Zuta on Megillat Ruth 4:5)


Nationalistically Crucial-Save the Galilee

Most Religious and Nationalist Jews are rightfully concerned about territory in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) being ceded to those who openly oppose any Jewish State of any size.  Unfortunately, that’s not where it ends.  All one has to do is take a drive through Northern Israel’s Galilee region to see an increasing takeover of more and more area of this pre-1967 area by many of Israel’s Arab citizens.  As a matter of fact, the majority of the population of the Galilee is Arab.  A tremendous amount of illegal construction has been taking place for the past several years at an unabated rate while, in most cases, fearing world opinion, the government of Israel allows the situation to grow without legal enforcement.

Unfortunately, most land in the State of Israel is government owned and a lot of illegal squatting is taking place on these lands.  At the same time, many non-religious Jewish families in the region have been enticed to sell their private lands for premium prices paid by Arab investors.  ‘Buy a Piece of Israel’ began an effort almost a decade ago to instill unity and pride in Land of Israel ownership.  Much private land has been sold over the years in parcels of 5 dunam, 10 dunam, and more. However, the key to strengthening Jewish sovereignty is by masses of Jews staking a claim in Eretz Yisrael by owning it while at the same time employing young Jews to work the very same land, reminiscent of the early pioneers. It is for this reason that ‘Buy a Piece of Israel’ began promoting the purchase of a modest 4 amot (cubits).

According to Mr. Busner, “It’s not enough to write some checks each year to various charities (tzedakas) in Israel. While tzedeka is important, the more Jews purchase parts of the Land of Israel the more the Jewish Nation’s hold on the Land is continuously strengthened, as is the important issue of Achdut (Jewish Unity)”. He continues, “When you own a piece of Israel, you are invested physically and emotionally.  This gives you a much stronger connection to Israel than by a simple donation.  You now are a partner.  You have a stake in the land of Israel.”

Religiously Speaking-More Mitzvot Observed

“Buy a Piece of Israel”: 4 Amot (Cubits), 2 meters x 2 meters = 4 sq. meters or 43 sq. feet

“We are aware that 4 square meters is more area than is required by Halacha“, notes Mr. Busner. “We wanted to make every unit the same size to fit into a full dunam (1,000 sq. meters) equally, that being 250 units of 4 square meters, and at the same time by all interpretations exceed the minimum required amount of land for owning 4 amot.”

By owning private agricultural land in Israel and employing exclusively Jewish labor, a purchaser is observing the following mitzvot:

Orlah – refraining from fruit in the first three years of the tree’s growth

TrumotMaasrot – tithes from annual produce for Kohen, Levite and Poor

LeketShikchaPeah – portions of annual harvest allocated for the poor

Shmitta – leaving fields fallow once every seven years

Who Can Purchase Land with ‘Buy a Piece of Israel’?

In accordance with Halacha (Jewish Law), only Jews may purchase private land in Israel.  In respect to these laws, every potential purchaser MUST fill out a ‘Purchase Application Form’ including a manner of proof attesting to one’s Jewishness.  Without proof, the purchase is declined and all money is refunded.  Rabbi Kaniel explains, “We have received numerous requests from non-Jews to purchase Galilee land, some of them very large.  In cases where they have been up front with us, we have politely explained our policy.  Unfortunately, many pretend to be Jewish.  This is why demanding adequate proof of Jewishness is imperative.”  Mr. Busner concurs; “Israeli law not always being Jewish law, allows non-Jews, corporations, etc, to purchase private land.  Anybody who markets lands of Israel without verifying the purchaser’s Jewishness is doing a great disservice to the Zionist Project of a Jewish State for the Jewish People in the Land of Israel.”

 Rabbinical Endorsements

‘Buy a Piece of Israel’ is endorsed by well known leading rabbinic figures in the Haredi and Dati Leumi communities, such as:

Rabbi Zev Leff, long standing and highly respected spiritual leader of Moshav Matityahu in Israel, Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold, well acclaimed spiritual leader of Kehilat Zichron Yoseph in Har Nof, Jerusalem, and others (see

 How It Works

For large purchases of lands, usually from a 1/2 dunam (500 sq meters) and larger, each individual purchaser is registered as the legal owner with the Israeli Government Land Authority registry.

For smaller purchases, especially that of 4 amot (cubits) / 4 square meters, registering each individual purchaser would be cost prohibitive.  It would cost more in legal and registration fees than the land itself.  In these cases, the attorney combines several 4 amot purchases and makes a list in the Attorney’s Trust.  The land is then purchased and registered with the Government Land Authority registry in the Attorney’s Trust with a list of each 4 amot purchaser.  This is legal proof of ownership.  All purchasers with ‘Buy a Piece of Israel’ legally own the land.  

1 unit (4 sq. meters) = $299 USD.

10 units (40 sq. meters) = $2,500 USD and includes a measured off area of the land with a sign bearing the name of the purchaser placed in front of a specific olive tree.  Each 10 unit purchase is entitled to 1% of the olive oil sales generated from 1 full dunam.

All 4 amot and 10 x 4 amot purchases include the land, purchase taxes, legal fees, registration fees, development into an olive grove and it’s full management.  Investors in 4 amot and 10 x 4 amot incur no further expenses after the initial one-time payment.

To Order 4 amot (4 square meters) and/or 10 x 4 amot (40 square meters):

Larger Purchases and listings available upon request: 
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