Agriculture – Galilee

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Jewish Agriculture in Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel)

“One who purchases 4 cubits (amot) in the Land of Israel is assured a portion in the World to Come” (Midrash Zuta on Megilat Ruth 4:5)

Olive Grove

       Stake Your Claim In The Holy Land!

 4 Cubits (4 Amot): Only $299!!!

10 X 4 Cubits (4 Amot): $2,500!*

By purchasing 4 Cubits (4 Amot) of Galilee agricultural land you are taking part in the following Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel) Mitzvot:
  • Purchasing land in Eretz Yisrael
  • Orlah (refraining from fruit during first 3 years after planting)
  • Shmitta (sabbatical year during which work on land is prohibited)
  • Trumot / Maasrot / Leket / Shikcha / Peah (tithes to kohen, levi & poor)

Avoda Ivrit

In addition, you are a partner in:

  • Maintaining Jewish Control of the Galilee
  • Creating Jobs in Jewish Agriculture



How It Works:

4 amot (cubits) are measured as 2 meters x 2 meters = 4 square meters units.
Every 4 Amot unit is registered in the purchaser’s name in the Israeli Attorney’s Trust.
Every time a complete dunam (1,000 square meters) is sold, the Trust purchases the dunam on behalf of all the unit purchasers.


 Unit Price list:


1 unit (4 sq. meters) = $299 USD.
*10 units (40 sq. meters) = $2,500 USD and includes a measured off area of the land with a sign bearing the name of the purchaser.  Each 10 unit purchase is entitled to 1% of the olive oil sales generated from 1 full dunam.


Larger Purchases available upon request: Go to

Purchase Order and Application:

The following application is sufficient for all units of 4 cubits (4 amot) or multiples thereof.  The application can be filled in online or printed, filled in and sent to our address: P.O. Box 3102, Afula 18130 ISRAEL. 


Please fill in this form in its entirety and send payments to:

Buy A Piece of Israel
PO Box 3102
Afula, Israel


To order by credit card, click on one of the buttons beneath the form after filling in the form below
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Avoda Ivrit

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