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Media and Politics Aside, We’re Losing The Galilee

by Joel Yosef Busner (October 3, 2011)

Dear Supporters of a Jewish State of Israel,

Jewish and Democratic in the context of how weak Jewish Leaders define the State of Israel is an oxymoron.  The more vocal and more violent the Arab population behaves both in the liberated territories (West Bank) or the massively disloyal Arab citizens of the State, the more “rights” it receives.

Democratically, the Israeli Arabs as a group work against the very State of Israel that has given them a high standard of living, freedom of speech that they find nowhere else in the Middle East , their own institutions of prayer, learning, etc.  They have access to Jewish funded hospitals, universities, etc.  Yet, the more they get, the more they want.  What is it that they want?  They want the end of the Jewish State.  They say it more and more every day and they say it with more conviction.  They are not afraid to break the law and they know they have the Israeli authorities completely intimidated.

Although scattered around the news from time to time are articles about lands being bought or commandeered by Israeli Arabs at the cost of Jewish control and ownership, the average supporter of Israel really doesn’t get the picture of what is going on.  The average person has been brainwashed into believing that all territories captured in 1967 do not belong to the Jews even though the Bible and history say otherwise.  This has allowed the Arabs of the territories to illegally seize lands and build wherever and whatever they want.  Most people shrug and figure, “What can be done.”  After all, the Israeli government more or less has already stated that all is negotiable.

Unfortunately, the Arabs while overall lacking the technical genius of the Jews have much better “street” instincts.  While you are watching CNN and reading the New York Times, especially the leftist diatribe like that of Leftist self hating Jew Thomas Friedman, you will come away with a picture of Israel being an aggressive occupier.  Of course what Friedman and his ilk refuse to report or even acknowledge is the real threat to our very existence as a Jewish State.

The Arabs of the Galilee ( Israel’s North) and of Israel’s South have taken a page out of the Palestinian playbook in Gaza (Gush Katif) and Judea/Samaria (West Bank).  They make a lot of children (even though their birthrate is down somewhat it is still high and higher than the Jewish one).  They vandalize and rob from Jewish farmers and ranchers.  They steal from Jewish shops in the outlying less densely populated areas.  They burn our forests (and it’s intentionally not reported).  The overall goal of land takeover they learned from the territories.  They build massive amounts of houses and buildings without permits, many on land they never even purchased.  They do so in such high volume that the under-staffed and over-fearful land authorities are almost powerless as for every 3 or 4 illegal structures they take down, hundreds more go up and remain.

In many cases farmers are harassed incessantly until they abandon or sell the land to their tormentors.  In other cases, families who no longer work in agriculture are given extremely high offers by local Arabs who are financed by foreign Arabs (such as wealthy Sheiks).  These democratic Arabs are defacto taking control over more and more areas in the North and South.  Whole areas are now too dangerous for Jews to travel.  Police have admitted they have no control in the large Arab population centers.  The weak Israeli government’s response in the Negev is to now legalize dozens of illegal Bedouin villages and hand them over land to the tune of thousands of acres.  As a Jew who came to the Galilee on her first visit to Israel asked me, “And what will be left for the Jews?”

In no way am I condoning the abandonment of the liberated territories.  Besides believing religiously that all of the Land of Israel was bequeathed to the Jewish People by G-d, I know that the Arabs are clearer in their beliefs than the weak Jewish leadership.  They never did and never will accept a Jewish State of Israel of any size.  That is why giving up land to mollify them has not and will not work.  Each concession brings another concession and demands for more concessions.  The question I like to ask fellow Jews is: If Israel had lost the North (Galilee) in 1948 and instead had won East Jerusalem and Judea/Samaria, what would we be calling the respective populations today?  Of course, the Galilee Arabs would be called Palestinians and the West Bank Arabs would be called Israeli Arabs.  This is not only true but shows the absurdity of the whole concept of “Jewish and Democratic State of Israel”‘.  Israel must be first a Jewish State.  Democracy?  Perhaps for Jews; but Western Democracy including millions of Arabs who hate the State?  It only works when the Arabs are small.  Today they are strong and growing stronger and their open hatred only encourages more actions against the State.

What are we asking you to do?  We are asking you to get more involved.  Today we still have a chance to change the direction of where this is heading.  There are a lot of lands available for Jews worldwide to purchase, especially vast agricultural lands.  Stake your claim to the Land of Israel .  Be a part of it.  You can purchase and/or donate for lands to be not only in Jewish hands but to be worked exclusively by Jewish hands.  This country was built by Jewish labor and whether one becomes a doctor, lawyer, or high tech professional, all young Jews can still do some old fashioned labor to ensure that the Galilee remains Jewish.  And…for those who aren’t destined to be white collar workers, we’ve designed a management system that allows for better work conditions for Jewish workers by working with smaller profit margins.  The more land that is purchased and worked by Jews the stronger the hold on the area is assured.  By owning land in Israel you are part of the picture.  You have more of a right to protest against things you disagree with because you are a “shareholder” in its future.  This example in the Galilee can spread to the rest of the country.

I implore you, for you and your children and their children, and for all of us.  Sponsor a Piece of Israel (see  Or better.  Buy a Piece of Israel !  Because it’s time to take our country back!

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