NEXT PLANTING Following The End of Shmita, September 2022

Your Own Tree
on Your Own Land
in Israel!

Observe the Agricultural Mitzvot Strengthen Jewish Sovereignty in the Galilee

ONLY $1,500
180 sq.ft.of private land in Israel with 1 olive tree

Approximately 180 square feet of rare private land in Israel
Full Registration with the Israel Land Authority
Your Own Tree on Your Own Land in Israel
Jewish labor

Jewish labor

Your olive tree will be planted and cared for by our Avoda Ivrit (Jewish labor) staff and volunteers
All mitzvot (laws) associated with Land of Israel farming are observed

Jewish Agriculture

By employing our management and maintenance system of Avoda Ivrit, more young Jewish People will come back to work the  fields reminiscent of the ‘Halutzim’, Israel’s early pioneers from before the founding of the new State of Israel
Be a Partner in Jewish Agriculture in the Galilee (Northern Israel)
Jewish Agriculture

extra virgin olive oil

Olives grown with exclusively organic materials
After Orlah (in the 4th year), you will receive annually  a bottle of boutique, extra virgin olive oil cold pressed from olives grown in your tree’s olive grove

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Your Own Tree on Your Own Land in Israel
Your Own Tree on Your Own Land in Israel
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