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Your own Olive Growth
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Yavniel, Lower Galilee
1.2 Dunam of the land with small house
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Yavniel, Lower Galilee
2.3 dunam-2,300 sq. meters
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Near Rishon L’Tzion​
Agriculture Land in the Center Israel 22 dunams
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Buy Land in Israel

Buying Land in Israel - A Great Opportunity to Keep More Mitzvot

Land in Israel Avoda Ivrit (Jewish Manual Labor)

By owning private agricultural land in Israel and employing exclusively Jewish labor, a purchaser is observing the following mitzvot:
Orlah – refraining from fruit in the first three years of the tree’s growth
Trumot, Maasrot – tithes from annual produce for Kohen, Levite and Poor
Leket, Shikcha, Peah – portions of annual harvest allocated for the poor
Shmitta – leaving fields fallow once every seven years

Currently, Buy a Piece of Israel manages olive groves in the Upper Galilee village of Rosh Pina, and more recently has established an olive grove in Yavniel (Yavne’el) in the Lower Galilee. 

Buy Land in Israel
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Buy Agricultural Land in Israel: A Great Opportunity to Purchase Private Land at Cheap Prices and Earn a Modest Income

Cheap Land For Sale In Israel (Agriculture)

The cheapest private land in Israel, is agriculturally zoned land in the beautiful and fertile Galilee.  Buy a Piece of Israel offers you various size units of small pieces of lands in order to allow the minimum investment to be as low as $1,550.  

By purchasing even the smallest unit of land that will be developed and managed by Avoda Ivrit (Jewish manual labor) with boutique quality olive oil producing trees, you will be keeping several mitzvot associated with agriculture in Eretz Yisrael and you will earn a modest income as well.

A great way to acquire your very own land in Israel while keeping many more mitzvot, that will produce a modest income, your investment will be a win-win-win situation! 

Speculative Land In Israel - Cheap Land in Israel For the Future

There’s an old rule in real estate: “They’re not making any more new land”. In Israel building lot prices have risen astronomically. Many savy investors, seek out currently agriculturally zoned lands that are situated close to neighborhoods with a high potential of future rezoning. These lands are priced higher than far away agricultural lands but much cheaper than the neighboring residentially zoned lots.

This investment is a great hedge for the future as in most cases, prices rise before rezoning as the pressure of construction getting closer creates more speculation that changes are coming. Rezoning regularly produces returns of 5 to 20 times the original investment.

Israeli speculative lands provide a great hedge against the constant increases in Israeli real estate prices, while potentially providing huge returns.
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Privately Owned Housing Land in Israel

Looking for the ideal place to build your aliya dream house with a private yard (garden) in Northern Israel?

Interested in a country house in the beautiful Lower Galilee?
Thinking of a modest home in Israel as an option?
Want to own land for housing in Israel for the future?

We can help you find a house, a building lot, and we can refer you to our professional affiliates for legal registration, architecture, renovations/contracting, mortgage consulting, and more…

Real Estate in Israel for Sale
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Residential and Vacation Land (Lower Galilee): A Great Opportunity to Purcahse Private Residential/Vacation Land at Prices Far Lower Than Center Israel

Who Can Buy Land with ‘Buy a Piece of Israel’?

Anyone who was born Jewish (from a Jewish mother) or who has completed a halachically acceptable conversion.

Rabbinical Endorsements

‘Buy a Piece of Israel’ is endorsed by well known leading rabbinic figures in the Haredi and Dati Leumi communities, such as:
Rabbi Zev Leff, long standing and highly respected spiritual leader of Moshav Matityahu in Israel, Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold, well acclaimed spiritual leader of Kehilat Zichron Yoseph in Har Nof, Jerusalem, and others…

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