Land for Sale in Israel

A Great Opportunity To Own Land In Israel!

Buying private agricultural land in Israel, registered in your name, whether you reside in Israel or abroad, whatever your budget, gives you the following benefits:

1) Currently weaker Shekel gives you an opportunity to purchase more land with your dollars.

2) You will regularly earn a modest income annually to begin after 4 years, (except for the Shmita year) from olive oil pressed from the olives that grow on your land. Read more about Olive Growth…

3) Your land will be managed by Avoda Ivrit-Jewish Labor, that will observe several mitzvot connected to agricultural land in Eretz Yisrael (The Land of Israel) including Shmita.

4) You help to strengthen Jewish sovereignty in the Galilee region, by supporting Jewish agriculture in Israel as we have done the last 12 years.

The list below shows the various size units which include: The cost of the land, registration, purchase taxes, 4 years of development and management, etc. To see Example of Agriculture-Agreement…

Agriculture Land in Israel For Sale​

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Payment Options: All payments for land in Israel can be made by: Check (see below), Bank Transfer (please send request by email) or Credit Card
*All units can be paid in: 1, 3 or 4 payments All multiple payments will be charged an additional $10 per payment processing fee. By purchasing units of Galilee agricultural land you are taking part in the following Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel) Mitzvot: 

Orlah (refraining from fruit during first 3 years after planting)
Shmitta (sabbatical year during which work on land is prohibited)
Trumot / Maasrot / Leket / Shikcha / Peah (tithes to kohen, levi & poor)

Endorsed by Rabbis: Zev Leff, Shlomo Gold, Gedaliah A. Rabinowitz;

In addition, you are a partner in: Maintaining Jewish control of the Galilee and creating jobs in Jewish agriculture

Every unit purchased is registered in the purchaser’s name.
Each unit sold includes a sign bearing the name of the purchaser.
Every Unit is developed and maintained within the terms of the of Agriculture-Agreement...

The application can be filled in online or, alternatively, printed, filled in and sent to our address:
P.O. Box 3102, Afula 18130 ISRAEL
Buy A Piece of Israel 4809 Ave. N. PMB #284 Brooklyn, N.Y. 11234 USA

Be a Real Partner in Jewish Agriculture in Eretz Yisrael

Planting Days on Land of Israel

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