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About Us

About us

Joel Busner, Founder
Joel Yosef Busner, Founder and Director
Former Canadian and American businessman and lifelong Jewish activist, Mr. Busner has lived in Israel for over 21 years and founded the Buy a Piece of Israel project in 2005 to encourage Jewish investment in private Israeli agricultural lands in order to strengthen Jewish sovereignty in the Galilee (Northern Israel)
Yisrael Kaniel, General Manager and Religious Issues

Rabbi Yisrael Kaniel, General Manager and Rabbinic Advisor
New York born Yisrael Kaniel is an ordained Rabbi (Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary) and former computer programmer / analyst, and has been associated with Mr. Busner in various projects for the past 20 years.
Howard Zaretsky, US/Israel Legal Advisor
Howard Zaretsky, a highly respected patent attorney advises the project concerning various issues relating to US residents investing in Israel.
yacov musel
Yacov Musel, Israel Legal Counsel
Yacov Musel, a lifelong resident of the Lower Galilee, has been practicing real estate and estate law in Israel for the past 35 years, and, in the Lower Galilee he is considered by many as the go to lawyer for his expertise in all real estate matters.

Our Proposal

Buy a Piece of Israel (Registered in Israel as, Hashkaot B’Ahavat Yisrael Ltd), is a business whose company is based in Israel.  Our aim is to encourage investment in Israeli private property by all of our Jewish brothers and sisters around the world, thereby helping to fortify Jewish sovereignty in Israel’s Galilee region and elsewhere throughout Israel as well as gaining the purchaser an asset that can garner him or her a modest profit.
We strive to have Jews from all over the world get involved by actually purchasing parts, or all of, large agricultural lots and then create jobs by having all-Jewish labor manage fruit producing produce with a percentage of yield going to the land owners.  This is a win-win-win-win situation.  First, by Jews purchasing the land with a long term goal, there is a stronger connection between Jews and the Land of Israel, creating stronger Jewish sovereignty in the Galilee.  Second, by working the land, Jewish labor and residency in the local areas increase.  Third, since the land will be managed regularly, the potential squatters will have to look elsewhere.  And finally, instead of making a donation, the purchaser owns something in the Land of Israel that will also give him/her a modest profit and he/she fulfills the commandment of owning land in Eretz Yisrael.