Our Mission

To encourage Jews all around the world to take part in owning a piece of land in Israel. 

Our primary mission is to have Jews from all over the world get involved by purchasing parts or all of large agricultural privately owned lots and then create jobs by having all Jewish labor manage fruit producing produce with a percentage of yield going to the new owners. This is a win-win-win-win situation. First, by Jews purchasing the land with a long term goal, our enemies can not keep purchasing Galilee land without a struggle. Second, by working the land, Jewish labor and residency in the local areas increase. Third, since the land is privately owned, the owners by employing Jewish workers will be performing several mitzvot (commandments) that can only be observed through the farming and harvesting of fruit in the Land of Israel according to halacha (Jewish law). And finally, instead of making a donation, the purchaser owns something in the Land of Israel that will also give him/her a modest profit and he/she fulfills the requirement of redeeming land in Eretz Yisrael
In addition, because it is becoming clear that it is time to go home, Buy a Piece of Israel is offering many options in the Lower Gallee to purchase houses and private land for constructing houses, at prices much lower than the Center of Israel.
We strongly recommend that you take a look at the Lower Galilee for affordable housing options in Israel.


Some people who want to invest in Israeli real estate, sometimes hesitate because they aren’t sure how to complete their investment process.  As all of us on the Buy a Piece of Israel team have experienced some of the potential negatives of Israeli bureaucracy, inconsistent pricing for services, and a general lack of pertinent information to make the right choices and decisions.Our experience is your advantage. We have experienced, honest experts in various occupations. We recommend:

Our experience is your advantage. We have experienced, honest experts in various occupations.
We recommend:


Lawyers for purchases and sales registrations of lands and apartments/houses.

Mortgage broker

Mortgage broker/advisor to match you up with the best possible financing.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange specialist who always beats the bank’s rates.


Architect in Yavniel experienced working with the local regional councils

Building Consultant and Renovations

Building Consultant and Renovations, Lower Galilee region

Agriculture Management

 Land management is the process of developing the land into an orchard and managing it with water management, pruning, fertilization, etc, organically.