Land For Sale in Israel

The Land market in Israel has shown tremendous growth since the founding of the State of Israel in 1948.

It has grown at an even faster rate the last fifteen (15) years.
In Israel only 7% of the land is private.  80% is government owned and 13% is owned by Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael (Jewish National Fund).
Many communities have been built on gov’t land and KKL land as well.  The land is first rezoned for residential, commercial, or industrial.  Many people purchase land with very long term leases, which is close to full ownership but not the same as the private land (the 7%).
At Buy a Piece of Israel we work mainly with private land (In Israel known as ‘Tabu’).   We have agricultural projects and we also market land for housing and can help you find a house or apartment.
We are most active in the Lower Galilee. The most important service we provide is finding what you are looking for and helping you negotiate a fair price.

27 Years of Personal Experiences
brought me to this conclusion

For Value and Quality of Life
One of Israel’s  Great Opportunities

Fresh air, private homes, large yards, still affordable prices

Center Israel Land for Sale

Speculative Land For Long Term Asset Appreciation

Own Private Galilee Land Managed
By All Jewish Labor

A Nice Assortment of Properties For Sale In Yavniel

Yavniel (Yavne'el) - Why is Yavniel becoming so popular? What's secrets are being discovered?

Yavniel (Yavne’el) The Pearl of the Lower Galilee Nestled in a valley on your way down to Lake Kinneret One of the original farming villages that over the years has grown to well over 4,000 residents and many part time residents who choose this beautiful country village for their vacations, as there are perhaps some 150 tzimmerim (country bed and breakfast units) in Yavniel.

A quick 8 minute drive from Lake Kinneret and close to Tiberias, shopping, medical, schools, etc, Yavniel’s relatively low land prices offer what may be the last chance to afford a house and a yard on private property in Israel’s burgeoning population growth.

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