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Real Estate – Yavniel

Lower Galilee (Yavniel)

Yavniel is about 10 minutes from Lake Kinneret and a large amount of the land in Yavniel is defined as Tabu, meaning land registered with Israel Land Authority as private property.  Today, in the State of Israel, only 7% of the land is private and 93% is Minhal.  Purchasers of Minhal property are in effect paying for a long term lease for the property.  Tabu property generally has more flexible use than Minhal as well.  We generally offer Tabu properties in this region.

Why we like Yavniel?

  • Picturesque locale near the Kinneret boasting magnificent scenery and pleasant climate
  • Large, diverse and growing religious population with established residential and commercial infrastructure
  • Registered as a vacation village, where most properties are permitted to house Bed and Breakfasts and short term rentals  (In fact, Yavniel has grown into an established vacation village that attracts many vacationers – both Israeli and from abroad)
  • Still reasonably priced
  • As the religious population grows, there is an increase in demand for more housing

Options for investment in the region?

  • Agricultural land
  • Agricultural land with a high chance of being rezoned, usually land that is situated in close proximity to housing or commercial properties (These types of lands can appreciate in value several times after acquiring building rights)
  • Building lots
  • Houses
  • Tzimmerim: Vacation cottages for tourism (We can supply rental management services for these type of units)


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