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The drama is growing daily as we watch the tension climb higher and higher, that will reach a crescendo sometime late in the evening a week from today on November 3, 2020.  The warring sides are aware of what is at stake.  On one side is evil with a mask.  On the other side is decency and fairness. 

Donald J. Trump is in the fight of his life.  At age 74, when he should be retired or at least semi-retired, enjoying his family and great financial wealth, he’s out there banging away, campaign rally after campaign rally.  During the last days of the US presidential election campaign, Trump is hitting the battleground states from morning until late at night.  This after recently recovering from a bout of Covid-19.  He’s coming to speak to his people and they are coming out to each event by the tens of thousands to cheer him on.   

In contrast, Joe Biden just 3 years older than Trump is running the most tepid campaign in Western democratic history.  He has spent the majority of the campaign in his basement.  His press conferences, attended by a scant few of his pre-selected ‘news’ reporters, witness Biden making short presentations while reading from a teleprompter.  The more he speaks publicly unscripted, the more he makes ridiculous gaffes.  His handlers know very well, that in the case of their candidate, less is best.  Yet, the vast majority of election polls say he will win, and win handily.

Why is this election so crucial for not only the United States, but for the rest of the civilized world?  There is far too much to list here but the following are important points of what are at stake:

China: If Biden wins, China goes back to getting a free ride.  They will resume destroying not only the US industrial and manufacturing base, also the much of the rest of the Western Nations’ infrastructures as well.  They will steal technology without fear, build an even larger more menacing interventionist military, supply the world’s nastiest regimes with arms, and of course, become an even a bigger threat concerning future health crises.  As Trump has boldly and honestly pointed out for years prior to entering politics and has continued the struggle until today, past US administrations let China have the ball.  And…They ran with it!  Biden will fold like a $3 bill and his big Tech supporters and other super fake Liberal Elitist Uber Wealthy Oligarchs will share the huge benefits in the rape of the American and Western middle class demise.  Biden or Kamala Harris, whomever will be at the helm, will immediately stop the Trump’s tariffs against China and will revert back to the pre Trump policies.

Iran: The Iran deal that Biden wholeheartedly worked on and endorsed with Muslim Brotherhood lover, Barack Obama, was a complete capitulation to one of history’s most evil regimes.  It emboldened Iran, saved the regimes economy while allowing it to continuously rearm the most vile terrorist organizations in the world, as they worked without fear of retribution on developing a Nuclear bomb.  Trump canceled the Iran deal, put crippling sanctions on Iran, assassinated their Godfather of terror murders, and has them now in a very weakened position.  At the same time, the Arab countries threatened by Iran are working together with Trump on economic cooperation agreements for the entire region which has the potential for economic prosperity instead of the arms race that was developing within those countries to counter Iran.

ISIS: Remember them?  Terrorizing the world with the most heinous forms of murdering innocent people?  Well, after building up America’s military, Trump went about to destroy ISIS.  Well, ISIS is no longer in the news.  Do you remember when ISIS was formed?  It was during the Obama/Biden administration.

Russia: Vladmir Putin, former KGB big shot and now the fake democratic dictator of Russia is very careful how far he can go because he has Trump always ready to counter with sanctions and other forms of punishment to keep the little megalomaniac inline.  Remember Obama accidentally being caught saying to the Russians to wait until after he would defeat Romney so that he would be able to give in and give them what they want?  Who was his vice president?  Joe Biden.

Wars:  Trump has shown how you can build the military, make it more efficient, take out the bad guys, yet have less of your own soldiers killed and permanently injured and disabled with endless and useless wars.  Nobody wants to mess with you when they know and fear you can and will destroy you if you dare to push you.

Big Tech and Big Media:  Currently, they are controlling most of what you read, see and hear in the news.  They block what they don’t like and they print lies if it suits them.  Trump has been taking a non-stop beating from them to the point that the likes of CNN, NY Times, etc, are no better than the former Soviet Union’s newspaper, Pravda.  Who will break up the Big Tech oligopoly to allow for freedom of information and diverse opinions?  Biden and the Democrats who are in their pockets and are their beneficiaries?  Hardly.  It’s them, all of them, against Donald Trump in this election.

Israel: Do we really want an administration in Washington who is the biggest sponsor of the United Nations to be openly hostile to Israel?  Well, think back to the Obama/Biden administration.  Look at Biden’s party and its big players including the ‘Squad’ of vicious, anti-Semitic, Israel bashers.  With Trump, however misguided his efforts may be concerning the great deal proposed for Israel and the fake Nation Palestinians, he did make big positive moves with the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, the Golan, defunding the Palestinian Authority, and more.

Taxes, Socialism and the Middle Class:  A Biden victory will continue to erode the American middle class.  More and more people will become dependent on the government as the previous Obama/Biden policies will be reinstated concerning over bureaucracy, regulation, high taxes, which they will try and placate the masses with government handouts.  Long term, this will create another Venezuela.  Desperate people will become more and more violent.  Trump’s economic policies, pre Coronavirus produced record economic benefits.

United States today is a very deeply troubled country.  There are almost no moderate Democrats left in politics.  If the Democrats win the presidency and
G-d forbid, both houses, kiss America goodbye.  A weak America will cause turmoil worldwide as evil will be embolden everywhere. 

A Trump victory will not stop the eventual implosion of America, as has happened to all great empires in history.  It will give the world respite and perhaps some more sunny days.

To my Jewish brothers and sisters:  America was the greatest country in our history in the Diaspora.  But what was, will not always be.  Anti-Semitism is in vogue in America today in many places.  We are commanded to go home and build a Jewish Nation in our land.  To be a light unto the Nations.  It is time. 

It is time for Israel to elevate great G-d fearing leaders whose interest is the greater good of the Jewish People.  To make Israel less and less dependent on other Nations.  To be proud and independent. 

If you are still in the United States and can vote, you must vote for Donald Trump and the Republican Party down the line.  The evil media, Super Tech, and Democrat party will cheat, lie and do everything possible to win this one.  Donald J Trump is representing the good side and whether you like him, love him, or are repulsed by his antics, he must win to stop the dangerous, corrupt and greedy elites from causing havoc on the world for their own gains and control like we have never seen before.  Trump may be brash, egotistical, and sometimes rude, but he got into this mess with the sole purpose of doing good, and not for personal gain.  How he and his family have sustained so much abuse yet still continue to fight on, only G-d knows, because no one else could keep taking it like this and keep hammering back.  Prove the polls wrong again, re-elect Donald Trump.


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