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How To Own Your Own Olive Grove In Israel

To many, the idea of owning an olive grove in Israel seems like a nice idea, but not realistic.  We will explore the concept of an olive grove for sale by showing the different options that exist to enable you to own your own olive grove in EretzYisrael, as well as its development and management.

How Big Is An Olive Grove?

Olive groves come in variable sizes.  In Italy, Greece, and Spain where land is more readily available and less expensive than Israel, you can see olive groves as large as 20, 30 or more acres.  In Israel, where land is measured by dunam, each dunam being approximately a ¼ acre, 20 or 30 dunam olive groves are considered to be a nice, large size.  Even a smaller 10 dunam olive grove is too cost prohibitive for the average middle income Jewish investor. 

Buy A Piece Of Israel Project = An Affordable Olive Grove For Sale

By negotiating large purchase options, the project gives even the very small investor a chance to participate in owning an olive grove or at least, part of an olive grove in the Galilee. The smallest purchase option is a mere 250 square meters or 1/4 of 1 dunam with 10-11 trees, a dunam being 1,000 square meters. This is offered because we plant 42 trees per dunam and so the minimum to participate is to own enough land for 1 tree. The price for this modest investment is $11,800 which includes the land, purchase taxes, legal registration and 4 years of management. After Orlah, in the 4th year from planting, the olives are permitted halachically to be harvested and cold pressed into extra virgin olive oil. Realistically, we can’t expect nearly as much oil from 4 year old trees as after more olive growth, when say after 8 years, the trees are more mature and now produce to their maximum potential in good years.

The next size up is 500 meters (1/2 dunam) with 21 trees, 1 dunam with 42 trees, and multiple dunam. Currently, a dunam with the full development and management package is selling for just under $39,800.

How Much Is A Ton Of Olives Worth?

From Baby Saplings to Olive Growth

We are talking Israeli olives.  In this case we are specifically referring to Suri olives.  These olives produce a very fine, spicy, boutique olive oil.  When we speak of a ton, we are speaking of a metric ton of 1,000 kilograms which is equivalent to about 2,200 pounds.  How much are these olives worth? The cold-pressed extra virgin oil derived from this process offers not only exceptional quality but also an attractive economic opportunity. 

The arithmetic is as follows:

-1,000 kilos will produce approximately 200 liters of oil.

-1 liter of oil, bottled individually will sell for about 50 shekels.

-200 liters x 50 shekels =10,000 shekels

What is a realistic expectation for mature Suri olive trees?  Anywhere between 500 and 2,500 kilos of olives per year, one year being strong the next year being a weak year.  Better managed trees will average over 1,000 kilos per dunam.

How To Manage The Olive Grove

If you live in Israel and like the hard physical labor and weekly responsibility, you can manage your own olive grove.  However, if you are like most people, you can allow our management team of Jewish farming workers manage your trees while observing the mitzvot associated with agriculture in Israel.  In addition, these olive trees are managed using only natural organic materials.  There is no spraying of pesticides, herbicides, or any other type of weed killers.  Of course, you are welcome to visit the land whenever you wish and participate in olive tree plantings as well as olive harvesting in the autumn season.

What About The Oil?

After the oil is cold pressed it is bottled in 1 liter bottles and sold privately to those who appreciate the best extra virgin Galilee oil The owners of the lands have the option of receiving 25% of the funds from the sale of olive oil, or if they live in Israel they have the option of receiving the same proportion in actual oil.  An annual return of 2% to 3% is realistic.

As you can understand from the above information, an olive grove for sale can mean a very large piece of land with hundreds of trees or in this project, it can also mean your modest investment for as little land as for only 1 tree within our larger project Agriculture Land in Israel For Sale.

To learn more about how you can purchase an olive grove for sale in Israel contact us.


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