Reclaiming the Galilee

Reclaiming the Galilee

Previous generations understood that if we wanted to return to Eretz Yisrael and build a country, we would need to purchase much of the land.  Perhaps it was because of the first Jew, Abraham, who paid 400 shekels for Hebron.  Even though G-d promised us all of Eretz Yisrael, Abraham purchased Hebron and this ensured […]

Terror in Israel

Terror In Israel

Terror In Israel Dear Friends, Terror in Israel committed by our sworn enemies who occupy parts of our Holy Land is nothing new.Before Israel liberated the Sinai, Gaza, Golan, East Jerusalem, and Judea/Samaria in 6 days in 1967 Arabs regularly murdered and injured Jews.Long before the State of Israel declared its independence in 1948 there […]

Independence Day Yom Ha’atzmaut

74 years since the declaration of the founding of the State of Israel. Are we really independent? Today in 2022, Israel is a world leader in Hi Tech, Bio Tech, Water Conservation, etc. Israel has one of the highest longevity rates in the world. Of course, the average Israeli is severely overtaxed and bureaucracy is […]

Can Foreigners Buy Land in Israel?

Can Foreigners Buy Land in Israel?

We are asked regularly by Jews and Non Jews whether or not foreigners, meaning non-citizens of Israel can purchase land in Israel. Before I give the answer, I first must qualify what buying land in Israel means by definition: -93% of the land in the State of Israel is not privately owned.  This means that […]

Hanukah Oil and Some Stubborn Jews

Buy Land in Israel

To most Jews today Chanukah is the festival of lights, as we light the Chanukah Menorah for 8 days.  In addition, we eat pan fried latkes (potato pancakes, deep fried soufganiyot (Israeli Jelly rolls), and give children Chanukah Gelt (money). The more observant Jews say the ‘Al HaNissim’ supplication prayer.  This is of course, much […]

Why A New Grassroots Movement Is Necessary Right Now In Israel

Land in Israel

We need representation for the People from the People There are many issues in Israel that need improvement.  Many people become angry at me for openly criticizing the government of Israel, several regional council and city municipalities, and what I ‘affectionately’ label the Jewish Establishment.  I take exception to their attitude. I dutifully pray for […]

If You Accept It, You Deserve It!

Land in Israel

35 Million Shekels to Upgrade Bennett’s Ra’anana Residence Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am sitting here in Netanya looking out at the sea.  The view of the Mediterranean Sea is a picture of flawless natural beauty as the sun begins to set this evening.  The waters are calm and the reflections on the water from […]

Wake Up People, Wake Up!

Land in Israel

Not standing up now will guarantee a descent down a slippery slope Oh how I watched, listened, and cried.  We are witnessing the sellout of our beloved Homeland.  Am I disappointed in Naftali Bennet and his doll faced partner Ayelet Shaked?  Of course not.  Neither are my close friends.  Their duplicitous, traitorous behavior was predictable […]

If We Don’t Learn From Mistakes, We Will Never Learn

Land in Israel

Several Examples of Jewish Leadership Stupidity and Lack of Faith It’s so sad to watch such a technologically and supposedly militarily advanced country appear to be so vulnerable to terror launched from outside of our population centers towards our population centers while Jew hating Israeli citizen thugs attack Jews, businesses, and synagogues with impunity within […]

Enough Is Enough!

Land in Israel

The Dismal Failure That Is The Government Of Israel The will of the People.  To serve the People.  Your representatives.  Hardly. I live in Israel.  Have done so for almost the last 23 years.  I studied a lot about Israel for many years before I made Aliya.  There has always been a lie that has been […]

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