Terror In Israel

Terror in Israel



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Terror In Israel

Dear Friends,

Terror in Israel committed by our sworn enemies who occupy parts of our Holy Land is nothing new.
Before Israel liberated the Sinai, Gaza, Golan, East Jerusalem, and Judea/Samaria in 6 days in 1967 Arabs regularly murdered and injured Jews.
Long before the State of Israel declared its independence in 1948 there was unabated Arab terror throughout the land.

The riots in Jaffa claimed the lives of 47 Jews in 1921.
67 Jews were killed in the most savage ways in Hebron in 1929 when there were no ‘occupied’ territories and no State of Israel.
Throughout the 1930s there were regular attacks on Jewish settlements, villages, kibbutzim, etc that resulted in the deaths of over 500 Jews.
The above are some examples of what was a regular trend. Had the Jewish resistance groups such as the Irgun and the Lehi not fought back against Arab terror while pushing the British occupation forces out of the land, there wouldn’t be a State of Israel today.

Today, it has become abundantly clear to those who are willing to open their eyes and see the truth that among the Arab inhabitants, the majority see no difference between Israeli Arab citizens and their allies in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and East Jerusalem who call themselves Palestinians. Recent polls confirm that fully 75% of Arab Israelis believe that Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish State. Some proof:

Last year’s fighting with Hamas in Gaza initiated riots and lynchings throughout the State of Israel in mixed areas such as Ramle, Lod, Jaffa, Akko, East Jerusalem, etc. Israel’s security couldn’t contain the lawlessness, destruction of property and physical violence. The State’s security experts are predicting that the next conflict with either Hamas in Gaza or Hezbollah in Lebanon will arouse a much stronger revolt from Israel’s Arab citizens.

Terror in Israel Committed and Supported by Arab Citizens

We are witnessing a huge increase in agricultural terror by Bedouins in the Negev and specific Arab villages in the north in the Galilee against Jewish farmers.
Besides regularly commandeering lands and building illegal housing, the Bedouins in the South are actively demonstrating violently against the State while stealing from Jewish communities and army bases.
College campuses are rife with Arab student support of terror against Jews.
More and more terror attacks are being committed by both Arab Israeli citizens who live among us with no borders and the so called Palestinians many of whom come to work in the State of Israel daily, giving them plenty of access to large Jewish civilian populations.

Unfortunately, most of the political elite that rules the country are afraid or reluctant to crush terror in Israel.
Their policy is based on, “What will the Nations say?”, instead of, “Is it good for the Jews?”

If we will continue to allow the United States government led by immoral leaders like Joe Biden along with the hypocrites of Europe to dictate our security policies we are destined to suffer more and more.
The time for change is begging to happen. The People deserve leadership that comes from among them, from their communities. Leadership that has faith in G-d and not in Washington. Leadership that represents the interest of the People and not their own self interests at the over taxed expense of the People.

With the above in mind, I hope that the poem below will help you feel more optimistic, that if we truly believe and unite as a proud People, we really can be a Free Nation in Our Land. Amen!

A response to terror in Israel.

Because I am a Jew

In whatever strange land you reside
No matter if by every one of their laws you abide
They’ll hate you in private and sometimes out loud
Even if you don’t act or feel very proud
Try and run from who you are
But wherever you go
You won’t get far
You may be poor
You may be rich
But you’ll never quite be accepted
’cause of just one hitch
You see my friend you are a member of a chosen few
Much of the world despises and hates you
Because you are a Jew

Now I am home in our chosen land
But the violence is spreading a bit out of hand
Of course we are to be blamed
Every time a Jew is killed or maimed
Our enemies now walk our streets with glee
As they watch our soldiers turn and flee
There is something however that they don’t yet see
And that is the rise to extinguish this fear by people like me
We can’t let our home become Aushwitz, Treblinka, or worse
We don’t see the Diaspora as our haven but rather a curse
We are a new generation of people with love
Who fear no Nations just G–d up above

I came home to live
And one day I’ll die
But being B’Aretz is truth
And abandoning her is a lie
Israel is here to stay
Many have perished to make it that way
Their souls are watching us to see what we’ll do
In tribute to them I’ll fight on
Because I am Jew


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