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The Dismal Failure That Is The Government Of Israel

The will of the People.  To serve the People.  Your representatives.  Hardly. I live in Israel.  Have done so for almost the last 23 years.  I studied a lot about Israel for many years before I made Aliya.  There has always been a lie that has been taught in the Israeli schools, pounded into our brains by the Israeli media, and constantly spoken about with fake affection by our politicians of the Left and so called Right wing.  What is this lie?  It is the lie of coexistence, in modern Hebrew it is called Dukiyum.  We are punished if we don’t practice coexistence.  You aren’t allowed to have websites that promote lists of companies in Israel that are proud to hire strictly ‘Avoda Ivrit’, Jewish Labor. 

Our coexistence partners in large numbers are members of anti-Jewish State of Israel organizations on most college and university campuses in Israel.  Very few of our fellow coexistence partners vote for Zionist parties.  Almost none of them would sell you their home in a recognized Arab village.  The government of Israel closes their eyes to most illegal building infractions.  In the Arab villages, most tax inspectors are petrified to enter to enforce tax collection laws.  Furthermore, while the Israeli government is so proud to tout their extreme gun control laws on Jewish citizens in Israel, anyone who lives next to an Arab village can attest to the fact that several times a week in celebration, their Arab neighbors shoot automatic weapons, with virtually no police enforcement of the gun laws.

Jews are taken to court who try not to be forced to sell homes in their communities to Arabs, and the Supreme Court of Leftist self-hating and self-appointed judges force the sales in the name of equality and the hell with preserving Jewish sovereignty in our land.

Our coexistence partners are well aware that they can push the limits of traitorous behavior to the State of Israel and get away with it.  Dr. Michael Ben Ari, Baruch Marzel, and Benzi Gopstein get banned from running in elections because they are considered anti-Arab, yet vicious, terror supporting Arabs can be members of Knesset subsidized by us, the Jewish taxpayers and by some of you, the Jewish donors.

As Time Goes By The Demands Keep Getting Higher

Our pampered faithless leaders decide that there is in fact a Nation called ‘Palestinian’ living in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.   They then expect us to believe that although many of these Arabs’ parents or grandparents have very different geographical backgrounds from Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, etc, they will not unite with the ‘other’ Arabs across the borders.  The kosher Arabs, our citizens, comprise about 23% of the citizens of Israel.  The lie continues as they pay off their contractor friends, hotel owners, etc, by allowing the Gaza, Judea/Samaria (West Bank), and even Jordanian Arabs to flood the country with cheap, scab labor.

Our Coexistence partners aren’t stupid.  They don’t believe in the contemptuous behavior of our Jewish born politicians.  The majority of them now consider themselves to be Palestinians.  Should a Palestinian be loyal to Israel or to Palestine?  Pretty predictable answer.

The citizen haters of Zion will gladly sit here and cash National Insurance checks, collect unemployment, receive full medical benefits, take advantage of preferential college and graduating practices.  Why not?  However, once the respect and fear from Jewish authority has waned the demands get higher.  They deserve more land to build more houses.  They need access to all parks in all majority Jewish cities even if they haven’t paid into the development and maintenance.  This so called plea and demand for equality is nothing else but a non-stop assault on the State of Israel as a Jewish State.

Our Leaders Have Created Palestinian Unity

Israeli Arabs can punch Yeshiva students in the face, totally unprovoked, and receive nothing more than a slap on the wrist.  Robbers, rapists, informers to foreign enemies, are also handled weakly.  Enforcement of building laws are ignored.  At the same time, Hamas can send thousands of rockets into Israel, create total mayhem, injure many Israelis and kill men, women, and children, and the faithless leaders warn the bombers just before they destroy one of their buildings.  Guess what?  The ‘Palestinian’ with the Israeli identification card is watching and learning.  Now when there is a conflict between Israel and Hamas, or Israel and Hezbollah, or Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli Arab-Palestinian is openly on the side of his heroes in Judea/Samaria, Lebanon, and Gaza.   Is it any wonder why even with such a relatively high standard of living, so many young Israeli Arabs are rioting and hunting down Jewish Israelis? 

Dear fellow Jew,

Do you really believe that giving them more affordable housing, more land to illegally confiscate in the Negev and the Galilee, you will satiate their endless appetite?  Do you see an end to Mosques in Israel preaching hate towards all Jews, if they go unpunished?  Do you think by paying them more money and giving less opportunity to our young Jews, they will suddenly appreciate us and stop causing us harm?  Of course not!

Many fields were burned by balloons with little or no repercussions.  Many rockets landed without retribution.  Many empty threats were made by Israeli generals and especially by Benjamin Netanyahu.  His threats are so empty, the enemy should make recordings of him into a comedy show. 

Many Jewish girls have been publicly and privately humiliated.

Many businesses in Be’er Sheva pay protection money to Bedouin mobsters.

Many farmers in the South and the North and Judea/Samaria suffer from agricultural terrorism.

Many towns and villages are dangerous for Jews to enter.

And now….they lynch Jews.  They stone Jews.  They rob Jews.  They stab Jews.  They burn Jewish cars.  They burn synagogues in Israel!   Where are the politicians?  Where is the fake Right Wing? 

The emperor has no clothes!  And worst of all, the enemies from within know it well.

If The Leaders Won’t Put Out This Fire, They Should Do the Right Thing: Resign!

I want to apologize to all the Jews of liberal hearts.  I’m sorry that Jews coming out to the streets with flags and fighting back disturbs you more than Jewish being beaten, lynched, etc, by the same people who make public celebrations every time a rocket kills one of our Jewish brothers or sisters.

I want to apologize to all the Jew hating rioters who attack Jews, whose efforts in Lod were halted to a large extent by the Israel dog unit handlers and their dogs, who came into Lod without financial compensation to protect our brothers and sisters.  I’m sorry they slowed down your ability to destroy more Jewish property and bodies.

Which brings me to a question that must be answered:

When Rabbi Meir Kahane of blessed memory warned the Israeli government and the Jewish world that we should pay the disloyal Arab citizens of Israel compensation to leave our midst and settle elsewhere, he was labeled a racist and even though he had much growing support, he was banned from running again for elections.

He warned about becoming dependent on their labor.

He warned about them taking many of our daughters as wives.

He warned about them being a 5th column as the German Czech citizens were in Czechoslovakia in World War 2.

He warned and some listened while the over-paid and under faith leaders of his day scorned him and libeled him.  Yet, the Torah view and his predictions once again have been proven correct.

It’s not enough today to say “Kahane was right”.

It is time for new leadership that will come from the People for the People.

No more, “What will the Nations say?” as the policy. 

Enough humiliation.  Bring back Jewish pride and real Jewish faith.

Am Yisrael Chai!


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