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Several Examples of Jewish Leadership Stupidity and Lack of Faith

It’s so sad to watch such a technologically and supposedly militarily advanced country appear to be so vulnerable to terror launched from outside of our population centers towards our population centers while Jew hating Israeli citizen thugs attack Jews, businesses, and synagogues with impunity within the State of Israel.  Some examples of why this has happened and will continue to grow unless the leadership is changed to leaders who have faith and come from the People and not from the over compensated politically connected fat cats.

1948: Israel defended herself against 7 Arab countries.

75% of local Arabs left after being promised by Arab countries that after the Jews would all be murdered, they could come back and benefit from the bounty.  That didn’t happen.  However, the 150,000 or so remaining Arabs instead of being encouraged to leave and join the rest, were offered full citizenship. 

Result: Today, they comprise about 21% of the population and total just under 2,000,000 people.

Result: Jews celebrate Israel Independence Day.  Arabs mourn Nakba (their disaster)

Question: Can one realistically expect loyalty to a State called Israel from the vast majority of these citizens?  You know the answer.

1967 6 Day War

1967: After years of terror, harassment, military attacks from Egypt, Syria, and sometimes Jordan, Israel shocked the world in 6 days and captured the Sinai and Gaza from Egypt, the Golan Heights from Syria, and East Jerusalem, Judea/Samaria (West Bank) from Jordan.

Many Arabs crossed the Allenby bridge over the Jordan river to Jordan.  Certain Israeli politicians worked to halt the massive Arab exodus.  In Gaza, the rabid pro Nasser population could have easily been pushed into Egypt, but the leaders of the day discouraged this as well.

Were most of these lands annexed to Israel officially? No.

Was the Mufti permanently banned from the Temple Mount to be replaced by Jewish administration? No, the opposite occurred when Moshe Dayan gave the keys to the Temple Mount back to the Nazi supporting Mufti.

1973 Yom Kippur War

Instead of striking the Egyptian and Syrian army first as they had in 1967, Israel lost the upper hand when Golda Meir and Moshe Dayan allowed Israel to take the first blows from the enemies’ attacking armies on our holiest day of the year.  While we overcame the initial blows, Israel suffered huge losses and military prestige.

1978 Camp David Accords

Israel agreed to give up the entire Sinai and its OIL, and to expel the Jewish citizens of Yamit, and to forego annexation of Judea/Samaria, and to recognize a Palestinian People for the first time and Menachem Begin offered them autonomy as well.

Question:  If you are a People and you are offered autonomy, isn’t it natural you would desire a sovereign country to call your own?  If from 1948 to 1967 when Jordan controlled Judea/Samaria and Egypt controlled Gaza no mention of a Palestinian State in those areas was promoted, what was the real objective of creating a Nation that never existed? Tik tok, tik tok. Buzzz!  To destroy the State of Israel!

More Results that followed Camp David:

-1982 PLO and allies attacked northern Israeli civilian areas, which caused the 1st Lebanon war.

-They allowed Arafat to live and leave Beirut like a hero.

-For the first time Israel began the policy of going door to door to look for terrorists, resulting in hundreds upon hundreds of dead Jewish soldiers needlessly. If you think our soldiers should die because of some sick warped policy of purity of arms, I suggest you stop reading here.

-At the end of 1986 the 1st Intifada began.  Israeli soldiers at the outset used their weapons to quell the violence.  Leftist pressure and faithless right wing leadership continued the policy of additional restrictions on our soldiers.  Shoot in the air.  Then shoot for the legs.  Then if you’re still alive open fire!

1988 The Banning of Rabbi Kahane’s Kach Party from the National Elections

After the Israeli government proved unable or unwilling to extinguish the Intifida the 1 seat Kach Party was polling to win between 8 and 12 seats in the coming elections.  Kahane’s policy of safety for Jews first with the promise of putting out the Intifada in 48 hours and offering hostile Arabs financial compensation to be resettled elsewhere was gaining traction, especially among Sephardic Jews who remembered very well what it was like to live as a minority in Muslim dominated countries.

-It is important to note and document the main theme of Kahane’s campaign: “Kahane or Arafat”.  To many Nationalist Jews this slogan seemed to be sensationalist.  After all, Arafat and the PLO were considered terrorist organizations having killed so many innocent people and by Israeli law it was illegal to even speak with members of the organization.

The results of the aftermath of the banning of Kach:

-The Madrid Conference where Yitzhak Shamir admitted that he wasn’t giving any land away but he was making it almost impossible for his successor not to.

-The 1992 banning of Kach and Kahane Chai from the elections and the victory of the Rabin led government.

-1993 the Oslo Accords which brought an agreement with guess who? Yassir Arafat who then took up residence in Ramallah in Judea/Samaria.

Oslo Accords and What We are Living With Today

Since the signing of the Oslo Accords and subsequent agreements, Israel has given some land to Jordan, more weapons in the 90s to the PLO, more Israeli citizenships through marriage to ‘Palestinians’ with Israeli Arab spouses, much more dependence on Palestinian labor and more.

Terror attacks increased and support by Israeli Arabs for the Palestinian narrative increased.

1996 brought the election of Binyamin Netanyahu who refused to tear up the Oslo Accords and continued by giving away 75% of Hebron and later more land with the Wye agreement.  In addition, the restless Israeli Arabs and Negev Bedouin increased their demands from the State of Israel while at the same time increased their outward disloyalty to the very same state. 

1999 brought the election victory of General Ehud Barak who then offered Arafat East Jerusalem and 92% of Judea and Samaria.  Arafat thanked him for his generosity by starting the bloody 2nd intifada which killed and maimed thousands of Jews.

Barak also during his reign of leadership abandoned our ally, the South Lebanese Army to the terrorist Hizbollah organization as he subsequently had our soldiers run out of the Southern Lebanese security zone like cowards in the middle of the night. 

Of Rockets and Riots

When Ariel Sharon took over as Prime Minister after Barak’s short and disastrous reign, the Arab enemies originally were frightened.  Their original fears turned out to be unfounded as in the past Sharon broke many of his original promises and betrayed his constituents.  Sharon who was against land for peace had already voted to give up land for peace and was the defense minister who expelled the village of Yamit in the Sinai.  True to form, Sharon turned again and in 2005 implemented his disengagement plan, even after losing his own referendum within the Likud party.  The disengagement was a one sided withdrawal from all of the Jewish settlements in Gaza/Gush Katif and 4 settlements in the Northern Shomron.  All told, 10,000 Jews were thrown out of their homes by Israeli security forces.

Now the riots and traitorous acts by Israeli Arabs grow.  Land grabs and illegal building by Bedouins in the Negev and Israeli Arabs in the north grows at an amazing rate.

More once Jewish cities are becoming mixed cities and many Jews in the State of Israel live in fear.

Because of the timid, stupid policy of ethical warfare, Israel can no longer win a war.  Worse, Hamas and Hizbollah know this and test it more each time.

The government of Israel is allowing our citizens to live in fear because they won’t do what Churchill, Truman and Stalin did to stop Hitler by bombing Dresden and Berlin to break the back of the German Nazi killing machine.

Where in the Torah does it say that in Eretz Yisrael they can attack our men, women and children, yet we must avoid hurting theirs?  It says quite the opposite.

Why must we tolerate synagogues being torched and burned to the ground in Lod in the center of Israel?  Didn’t we leave the fear of the diaspora?  Doesn’t our anthem say “To be a free nation in our land?”

Why should Jews be afraid to travel by car in so many areas of Israel?

Why should Jews be forced to sell homes in Jewish villages to Arab buyers if they don’t want to?

Why does Israel not turn off the electricity in Gaza now?

Why will Israel again sign on to a useless cease fire and then allow its enemies to build up a bigger, more accurate and more deadly arsenal as we allow supplies to be shipped in by trucks and by ships?

Why did we allow Gaza to go from stone throwers to an actual threat against the entire population of Israel?

Don’t we realize that by leaving Southern Lebanon Hizbollah has grown from a few useless rockets and a rag tag group of primitive fighters to an awesome arsenal of hundreds of thousands of deadly rockets aimed at Jews everywhere in Israel?

Why is it acceptable to allow violence from Arabs on the Temple mount and then punish loyal Jews from going up to the Temple mount on Jerusalem Day?

I ask you these questions as a conclusion: 

Dear Jew,

Don’t you think it’s enough?  Aren’t you tired of Jewish leaders assuring numbskulls like Joe Biden that we will end our defensive measures shortly and that we are doing all we can not to hurt our enemies too much?

Wouldn’t you rather have leaders who share your concerns, care about your economic opportunities by lowering ridiculous taxes that support a hugely overblown political elite?

Wouldn’t you prefer a leader who will stand up to the world and say, “For two thousand years we were loved after being raped, beaten, burned, expelled, shot and gassed.” 

“We would rather be strong and hated than be loved and weak.” Been there done that.

Consider some of what has been written here and think before the next useless elections if this is really becoming of G-d’s chosen People.  Time for a change!


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