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Not standing up now will guarantee a descent down a slippery slope

Oh how I watched, listened, and cried.  We are witnessing the sellout of our beloved Homeland.  Am I disappointed in Naftali Bennet and his doll faced partner Ayelet Shaked?  Of course not.  Neither are my close friends.  Their duplicitous, traitorous behavior was predictable to anyone who cared enough to pay attention over the past 8 or 9 years.  To get a better perspective I’m taking the liberty of making a small list of statements/actions made by the dynamic duo, Bennett and Shaked:

-After an Arab worker in Ashkelon committed a murderous terrorist act, the mayor of Ashkelon sent all Arab workers home for the security of the Jewish residents of Ashkelon.  The mayor was not known to be an ‘extremist’.  After this announcement came a public statement to the press out of the mouth of Naftali Bennet.  He said, “99% of Israeli Arabs are loyal to the State of Israel”.   Friends, if you bother to pay attention, and you live in Israel, how can you accept this statement from a so called religious nationalist Jewish leader?  There are only 2 possibilities that one can conclude from this statement: Either Bennett was lying to seek favor among Arab and Leftist Jewish voters, or he was a complete ignoramus that knew nothing about the vast majority of the Arab citizens of Israel.  If this statement had come from the late Shimon Peres, you would have scoffed at him, most importantly, you would never have campaigned for him or even voted for him.

-A few short years ago, Ayelet Shaked was the minister of Justice.  Many right leaning supporters were excited that Ms. Shaked was arguing for changes in the selection of future Supreme Court justices.  Fair enough.  However, it was the same Ayelet Shaked who as justice minister, sat on her hands and had nothing to say as Jewish boys from the much maligned ‘hilltop youth’ were being incarcerated for months and being beaten into making forced confessions.  All this while being deprived of legal counsel, bail hearings, formal criminal charges, visits from family members, etc.  The reason given for this extreme, draconian, and cruel treatment was the burning of a house in the Arab village of Duma that resulted in the deaths of some of the family members.  It didn’t matter that prior to this arson attack there were other cases of arson in the same village, nor did it matter to the authorities that later there were additional arsons in the same village.  The media with odd exceptions such as Arutz 7, failed to report that the village of Duma is rife with inter familial feuding gangs!

Where was the Justice Minister to demand fair and equal justice and treatment for all under the law?  No where!

-Who were the ministers responsible for opening up the State of Israel to more and more Palestinian and Jordanian workers repeatedly?  Bennett and Shaked.  Bennett was responsible for bringing in thousands of these scab workers to Eilat.  Shaked has been quoted encouraging consumers to frequent restaurants employing Palestinians.  From this do you really expect jobs to be protected for young Jews?  From this do you really expect less random stabbings, home break ins, car thefts, rapes of Jewish women and children, etc?

-You are shocked that Bennett publicly promised not to join any government led by Yair Lapid?  Really?  Do you forget it’s only a few years ago that Bibi was looking to make a coalition government and Bennett made a pact with Lapid and in doing so kept the Haredi parties out of the government?  What happened?  Suddenly Bennett woke up and realized that Lapid is a leftist.  Boker tov!  That was when Bennett was the head of a 12 seat party.  Now with only 6 seats for his Yamina party, Bennett the loser of the election and more hungry for power and prestige than anything else, abandoned his constituents and his core pledges and signed up with devil.

-It is Bennett and Shaked who moved the Greater Land of Israel movement far to the left even though many of you will chastise me for daring to say this.  Their policy of keeping Area C of Judea/Samaria (West Bank) is a hoax!  All one has to do is look at the maps.  It is impossible to make borders between areas A/B and C as area C meanders through many twisted areas of the map.  In addition, by only wishing to annex area C to the State of Israel, they are in fact relinquishing our claim to areas A/B, meaning that 40% of Judea and Samaria are now agreed to be permanently lost to the Jewish People by the so called leaders of the Eretz Yisrael movement.  To add insult to injury, Mr. Bennett has publicly stated on several occasions that the Arab residents of area C would be offered full Israeli citizenship!  Demographically, we are already seeing the results of not dealing with the demographic threat which has resulted in the inclusion of an anti-State of Israel Arab party into the new coalition government.

Don’t Cry For Bibi as He Is no Better

Now if I haven’t upset all of you fake righties yet (especially the kipa wearers who justify each treacherous decision by the political right) by my honest criticism of Bennett and Shaked, allow me to continue.  While Jews of the politically conservative bent trumpet Netanyahu’s successes and so called successes, please allow me to show the other side of Bibi for some honest and real perspective:

-Netanyahu was finance minister and easily the 2nd strongest politician in Israel in advance of the 2005 Disengagement plan which expelled 10,000 Jews from their homes.  Instead of organizing a resistance to this atrocity, he voted for it twice!  The third time he voted against it, knowing full well it was too late.

-Bibi was elected in 1996 and was expected to rip up the Oslo Accords which the Palestinian Authority blatantly violated daily.  He did not.  When the PA attacked and burned Kever Yosef in Shechem (Nablus), killing 14 Israeli soldiers (our boys!), Bibi’s reaction was to shake Arafat’s hand and give up 75% of Hebron.

-Later Bibi signed the Wye agreement giving up more land in Judea and Samaria.

-After Netanyahu was reelected in 2009 he began immediately to betray his voters by bringing in such losers as Ehud Barak into his government.  While he takes credit for standing up to Obama, the fact is that Netanyahu has repeatedly hindered building in East Jerusalem and Judea/Samaria.

-Under the leadership of Netanyahu there has been a continued expansion of illegal Arab land grabs (confiscation) in Judea/Samaria, the Galilee in the north and by the Bedouins in the Negev (southern Israel), resulting in 10s of thousands of illegally constructed homes with no taxes collected by the government.  The net result is more and more legalization of illegal construction.  Reality means, Jews pay ridiculously high prices for dwellings anywhere in Israel and these people do what they want and pay nothing and are rewarded for their lawlessness.

-Bibi has presided over the continued destruction of Jewish farming in Israel.  Water prices are super expensive while we supply the Jew haters of Jordan with free water.  More disturbingly, Arab mobsters extort protection money from Jewish farmers while the more moderate neighbors simply steal all the produce with impunity!

-Hamas has grown in arsenal and firepower exponentially during Netanyahu’s leadership.  In addition, the residents of Southern Israel live in fear year after year with no end in sight.  Balloons that burn fields, rocket attacks, drones, etc, are common and start and end by the decisions of Hamas and not by Israel.  Netanyahu’s bravado threats are treated with laughter by Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

-Under Netanyahu who for years promoted the lie of coexistence, the Israeli Arab population has become more openly violent and many mixed cities are in fact dangerous for Jews.  This in the only Jewish state in the world!  What has Bibi done to secure Jews in our cities?  Nothing!

-Hezbollah is sitting on Israel’s northern border with hundreds of thousands of accurate rockets that can hit anywhere in Israel.  Israel is doing nothing to diminish this threat to our existence.  Remember that only 20 years ago, Israel controlled several kilometers of Southern Lebanon that Ehud Barak ran away from.  During that time we lost an average of 10 soldiers per year because we were unwilling to wipe out ‘tiny’ Hezbollah in those days.  Now we have 250,000 rockets pointed at ALL of our cities.

-Netanyahu has done nothing to take on the activist totalitarian Supreme Court.  For years he defended them.  Only when they went against his interests repeatedly, did he begin making statements against them.

-Netanyahu has been at the helm when many Jewish homes were destroyed violently by Israeli security forces.  At the same time, in addition to the plethora of illegal Arab construction, Bibi has sat on a court eviction order of an illegal Arab village near Maale Adumim.  He has repeatedly pledged to expel these squatters and has repeatedly lied about it.

-It was Netanyahu who refused to bring in Ben Gvir during the previous elections because Netanyahu adamantly refuses to allow any Jewish worship anywhere on the Temple Mount because he is admittedly in fear of a large Muslim backlash.  The result?  More Muslim demands against the State of Israel.

-Economically, while Israel’s GDP and the Shekel are strong, internally it is more difficult than ever for middle income Israelis to purchase dwellings of any size.  The government is not allowing for cheap lands in the north or south or Judea/Samaria to be given to former soldiers, etc, to develop into new inexpensive communities.  The result, more and more crowding and higher and higher prices in Israel’s center region.  This can be changed literally over a few months by encouraging and promoting the development of new communities where lands are more available and by charging less for these lands which are 93% under the government’s control.

-In the meantime, the club of connected people in Israel keeps getting richer and stronger.   There are oligopolies in many fields.  Nothing is being done to curtail this which would result in better and more competitive prices for consumers.  Politically there is little accountability and regional politicians are over-paid, over bloated and extremely corrupt.  Cars are almost 100% more expensive than the US.  Gas prices are multiples more expensive.  While Israel is sitting on proportionately one of the largest areas of natural gas, what are the benefits to the average Israeli?  Instead of rich families like Tshuva being given a license to rape the country and the rest of sales going to the government coffers, why won’t the government do the right thing and pay each citizen annually a dividend?  They send a monthly stipend for child support.  Why not a dividend from gas sales to each citizen as a benefit of the generosity of G-d, who suddenly, made the gas appear when it wasn’t ever calculated as part of the government annual income budget, BECAUSE IT DIDN’T EXIST!

-The duplicitous Netanyahu can be seen screaming on TV during the middle of an election just a couple of years ago.  Suddenly, Mr. Coexistence was frantic because the Arabs were voting in large numbers.  These were his words.  In the end he hung on and won.  What did he do?  He went to meet the leaders of the Arab communities and proceeded to hug and kiss them.

It is the same Netanyahu who repeatedly warned of the dangers of Arab parties being in the Israeli government that now courted the Jew hating Mansour Abbas to be the pillar to hold up his potential new government.  This instead of calling Saar’s and Bennett’s bluff by agreeing to retire for a year or two to let all the right wing seats unite to keep out the extreme left and the Arab Knesset members.  But…his lust for power gave Bennett and Saar their excuse to ‘pursue all options’.  The result is what we are witnessing today.

And Now?

Brothers and Sisters: If this government succeeds it will do so at the cost of Judaism in the State.  It will be at the cost of security.  It will be at the cost of many destroyed Jewish communities in Judea/Samaria.  There will not be any reduction in taxes.   Why?  Because Meretz and Michaeli of Labor are honest haters of Zion and Judaism.  Why? Because Mansour Abbas hates the concept of a Jewish State and has been given 500,000,000 shekels at his discretion for his ‘pet projects’, with your tax money.  Why? Because illegal Arab/Bedouin land grabs are being rewarded.  Therefore, the opportunistic thieves with the names like Bennett, Saar, Shaked, etc, will either toe the line or the government will fall.  If it doesn’t fall, then the slight delay in time will mean G-d forbid, a lot more Jewish blood.

In either case, it is all tragic and unnecessary.  G-d has given us so many opportunities to create a Jewish State for all the Jews of the world to come home to.  The weakness of the Israeli government is encouraging the violence and chutzpa against Jews in the Diaspora.  Decades ago when Israel sent the Mossad to assassinate terrorists internationally, the anti-Semites thought twice before lifting a hand against a  Jew.

It is up to all of us.  It is those of us who care and feel the pain of a Jew assaulted in Paris, Brooklyn, Lod/Ramle, etc.  It is up to us who cry when synagogues are burned to the ground in cities in Israel.   To be a free Nation in our land means to walk, to drive, to pray anywhere in our land without fear.  After 2,000 years it is time.  We can do it quickly by coming together and forging a movement to build a strong Jewish State that is the defender of every Jew everywhere.   To create a government comprised of people who come from the communities to serve their communities, not like today, where we pay and serve the likes of Bennett and Shaked in their opulent lifestyles while they sell out our interests.  Enough!

The new movement will be called L’Ma’an Ha’am meaning, ‘For the People’.  

 Keep the faith!  To be continued…..


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