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For Jews in America, What is the Connection Between the Current US Election Mess and Land In Israel?



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Founder, L'Ma'an Ha'am

I was outside our apartment building, with some other English speakers in Netanya this morning, when an American retiree joined our conversation.  As soon as he opened his mouth I began experiencing that nauseating feeling I get every time I’m confronted by a sick Jewish leftist.  He admitted that among Americans whom he knew who are living in Israel, he didn’t know anyone else besides himself who had voted for Joe Biden.   At first I just listened.  I listened to him berate Donald Trump.  The other fellows began arguing with him how they felt there was election fraud in several US states.  The leftist, a retired professional, living in Netanya, shot back that there is no evidence, period!  Now it was my turn.

I asked him how he knew so definitely that there was no fraud.   His response was that because all law suits submitted to the courts by the Trump team were thrown out.  I pointed out to him that in some lower courts, some cases were thrown out, but there were several cases being submitted as we spoke and there were cases, such as Supreme Court Justice Alito, who ruled that late Pennsylvania mail in votes had to be separated.  I further explained how the latest law suits and signed affidavits claiming to have witnessed voter fraud had just been submitted to the courts in the last couple of days and more were coming.  He didn’t answer.

I pointed out to our Biden voter that I myself witnessed what was later claimed by the Republicans, that in a couple of states, without reason had stopped the vote counting for several hours and then the next counted votes, well over 100,000 were ALL for Biden.  I explained that I had written down the last results from a particular state that had Trump so far ahead it seemed impossible for Biden to catch him. Then a complete cessation of printed results online and a few hours later, Trump didn’t go up by a single vote and Biden went up by well over 100,000.  I saw that a couple of times, and I explained in all my life following politics I had never seen anything so strange.  My leftist neighbor didn’t answer.

I decided to put him on the spot.  I asked him a direct question: “Do you want Iran to have the Nuclear bomb?”  He didn’t answer this question either.  Nobody had yelled at him.  Nobody had used foul language whatsoever.  What was the next move by the Leftist?  He moved!  That’s right.  He turned around and walked away from us with a very angry expression on his face. 

Friends, I’ve seen that look before.  Unfortunately, many times before.  They can’t debate real facts because the facts don’t bear out their claims.  The only honest thing this man had probably said was that he was the only American in Israel whom he knew who had voted for Biden.  Everything else was the same repetitive, cult like propaganda that the mainstream media pumps out day and night to create their own narrative, in other words, their own facts, the truth be damned.

Joe Biden is behaving as if he won.  He’s making all the moves.  He’s building his impending administration team.  It is loaded with people who loathe free market economies.  He’s vowing to stop the sanctions against Iran and resume the Iran agreement.  His Vice President, definitely a socialist, has declared that they will immediately revive the objective for a Palestinian State and will resume financing the terrorist supporting Palestinian Authority.  Taxes will go up.  Biden’s advisor on the Pandemic is ready to do a National lockdown, even as a vaccine by Pfizer is about to be approved for the general public.  China will be let off the hook and with it, American manufacturing jobs will be lost again.

The world’s bad guys were rooting for a Biden victory.  Is it because they love Biden so much?  The Washington insiders, the mainstream media, the Giant techs that control and filter most of our news, all supported Biden.  Do they do so out of love for Biden?  The fact that they block legitimate reports and testimonies of the Biden family’s corruption, shows that they will go to the ends of the earth to protect ‘their’ candidate.  But, I ask again, is this out of love for Biden?  No, they don’t love Biden.  Then what is it?

They hate Trump.  They hate Trump because he is a one man wrecking ball.  He is the first candidate in modern political history who has stated several goals and then went about keeping his promises.  He built up the military and smashed terrorists but with the loss of very few American soldiers because he stopped engaging in long, useless wars.  He cut taxes and until the Pandemic, brought great prosperity.  He cut US subsidies to the Palestinian Authority and other bad administrations.  He tore up the Iran deal and put very heavy sanctions on them.  He built a lot of the wall to keep out illegal immigration.  He lowered bureaucracy.  He put tariffs on China to stop their unfair trade war and with it brought back US jobs.  He stood by Israel and she had a true friend in the anti-Semitic, Israel hating United Nations.  He opened pipelines and he increased fracking and offshore drilling, the result brought the United States unprecedented energy independence.  He did these things with the most hostile press and giant tech besmirching him and his family hourly.  They tried the Russian collusion delusion.  They impeached him in Congress.  It didn’t matter.  Trump was not be denied.  The pandemic hurt Trump but still he was making a comeback as we are getting closer to cures as well preventive vaccines, all the while as the US GDP and jobs reports were rebounding with a vengeance.  And the crowds…..

They lined up for hours and hours to cheer him on.  He would hold as many as 5 rallies a day, at 74 years old and only a couple of weeks after recovering himself from the Pandemic.  Joe Biden lived in his basement for 90% of the campaign and was protected in the debates and in his infrequent news conferences.  He never attracted any sizable crowds anywhere.  For that matter, neither did his former boss, Mr. ‘Hope and Change’, Barack Hussein Obama.  So what was the swamp going to do get rid of Trump when everything else couldn’t derail him, never mind stop him?  They needed a trick, a gimmick. 

A rotten policeman in Minnesota needlessly killed lifetime criminal, George Floyd.  This was followed by carefully orchestrated and heavily financially sponsored protests that by design would cause violence, lootings, burnings, day after day, week after week.  While BLM and Antifa had nothing to say about black children being shot and killed in Brooklyn NY and Chicago Illinois and the thousands of young blacks murdered across the US annually, they used and continue to use violence to protest the police shootings of blacks, whether those shootings be justified or not.  This has all been proven to be a political ploy to increase anarchism with the goal of creating a Marxist socialist America.  This behavior has caused death, injury, and bankruptcy to law abiding Americans whether their pigmentation has been brown, black, or white.  Where were these riots most prevalent?  In Democrat controlled cities and states.  It was an obvious pattern.  Blame Trump for the Pandemic.  Blame Trump for the riots.  Cheer any bad economic news, and of course, blame that on Trump as well!

Still, it wasn’t working, at least not well enough.  The swamp needed a guaranteed insurance policy, something that would all but guarantee a Trump defeat on November 3.  They hit pay dirt!  Mail in voting became the new battle cry.  The Republicans had no problem with early voting or even absentee voting in rare, justified cases.  But wholesale mail in voting?  It was never done before.  Red flags went up by the President and many others.  Of course, the Democrat response to their concerns, was “voter suppression”. 

The swamp enlisted the usual corrupt pollsters that showed Trump having no chance with the objective of influencing potential Trump voters not to bother voting for a futile chance of Trump winning.  This is real voter suppression.  Still, it wasn’t enough as the rallies grew larger towards the end of the campaign.  But what was so important about the mail in voting plan?

The Democrats used the Pandemic as an excuse.  Of course, 90% of mail in voters, go out of their homes to the drug store or grocery store.  They probably practice social distancing.  So why not for the election?  This is because the Pandemic is the excuse to justify stealing an election.  Many of these same Democrat hypocrites were against mail in voting in earlier years because in their words, it is too easy to cheat.

It’s not primarily the dead people who vote, although this is indicative of fraud.  It is ballots submitted by mail later than allowed by law.  This is hundreds of thousands for sure.  It is ballots where signatures weren’t verified.  It is ballots that weren’t allowed to be observed by Republican observers, meaning there was no way to know if 10s of thousands of mail in ballots were just dumped with Biden as the only selected choice on all of each ballot in a bunch.  There will be more lawsuits followed by investigations.  I have no idea where this is going to end up, except to say, that something stinks and many of use predicted that this would occur.

How is this connected to Land in Israel?  How is this connected to the limited amount of Land for sale in Israel?  Dear Jew, please try and follow my reasoning:

Biden, the senile, lifetime lying politician is only a tool of the swamp.  When I say he’s nothing, it is not to demean him.  It is an observation.  He can’t answer tough questions and his initial moves prove that he is a puppet whose strings are pulled by the extreme Left, which means the extreme haters of Israel and with that, Jewish Jews, the proud outwardly Jewish Jews.

If by some chance Trump can overturn a few states and remain President, it would be a great feat with a lot of positive action on the horizon.  However, it won’t stop the evil.  It won’t stop the hard core haters who control so many things in America.  The cat is out of the bag.  They will work the colleges and universities unabated.  They will still control the media.  It is now not shocking to see Jews being pummeled in the streets of New York.  Anti Zionism has revealed itself to be anti-Semitism.  Trump can buy the American Jews a few years, at best.  What if Biden ultimately wins?

A confirmed Biden victory is the end of American Jewry.  The claims of 75% of American Jews having voted for Biden notwithstanding, the Jews will be blamed for the economic disaster that the Democrats under Biden, or worse potentially under Kamala Harris will bring down on the US.  History has many lessons to teach us.  The German Jews were more German than Jewish.  This is why they were the least prepared to deal with the holocaust that followed Hitler’s ascent to power.  The Polish Jews had no misconception.  They knew that the average Pole hated him and beatings, rapes, exclusion from universities and jobs were very common.  The Polish Jews ran faster as he wasn’t living in a dreamlike state of false illusions as had been the German Jews. 

Why are English speaking Jews already living in Israel contacting our office in response to ads we’ve placed online offering Lands for Sale in Israel?  It is because they understand what is happening.  The Americans in Israel overwhelmingly voted for Trump, perhaps 85%.  Who is on the Nefesh B’Nefesh Aliya immigration flights to Israel from the US?  About the same percentage of various strains of Orthodox and highly traditional Jews.  The Biden supporter among them is a rarity, like a bad apple that happened to slip into the bunch. 

Dear Friends, the Jews who want to survive as Jews are beginning more and more to look homeward, to Eretz Yisrael.  It is an interesting and telling dichotomy that 75% of American Jews are against Trump and 85% of American Jews in Israel are for Trump.  Again, it’s not about Trump.  It’s about the future of the Jewish People.  That future is in Israel.  The Land unites the People.  The People strengthen the Land and the land strengthens the People.  I pray that my American brothers and sisters wake up soon from their belief in false Gods, while it is still possible to move to Israel with your assets and exchange your property in the diaspora for your own land in Israel.  Historically, it is not that long ago when Zev Jabotinsky went from town to town in Europe and pleaded with the Jews to come home, because in his words a fire was burning under their feet.  Some heeded his urgent call to action and most did not.  Most died.  Some survived and learned and apologized to the long deceased visionary who was affectionately called ‘Jabo’ by his supporters. 

Enough memorials.  Enough Holocaust centers.  Enough crying about the past.  Before it’s too late, think.  Come home.  Strengthen the Jewish Nation in the Jewish Land.  Bring the redemption that we have so long prayed for speedily and merrily with far less pain than the alternative known as in its time, which can G-d forbid bring unprecedented suffering on our People.  Time to come home.  We’re waiting for you.


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