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A Message And A Prayer For My Lost Brothers And Sisters In America



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Dear Friends,

Jews have excelled in science, math, politics, business, you name it.  However, in my opinion overall, the Jews are very poor students of history.  When the Jews were exiled after the destruction of the first Temple and later had the opportunity to go back to the Land of Israel, there were some Jewish leaders who were comfortable, too comfortable, who preached to make Jerusalem in Babylonia. 

Since the long exile of almost 2,000 years since the destruction of the 2nd Temple, the pious among our people continued to pray three times a day in the direction of our capital city, the Holy Jerusalem.  However, many Jews wanting to be accepted by their non-Jewish majority hosting countries, tried to assimilate, to show that he the Jew wasn’t so different from his neighbor the Gentile. 

It didn’t matter that in every diaspora hosting country, somehow the day inevitably arrived when the Jew lost his welcome.  There were attacks by the Catholics and later the Protestants.  There was dhimmi status in the majority Muslim countries.  Yet the comfortable among the Jews continued the pursuit of acceptance, of being just like ‘them’. 

Jewish Utopia was reached in the eyes of many when Jews were given equal rights and were allowed to live and mix with the others.  Full citizenship.  Equal partners in destiny.  The German Jews took it further and invented Reform and Conservative Judaism in order to show the rest of Germany that they were Germans first.  To all of you donating to and honoring the next holocaust center in America, remember that Germany had a Foreign Minister 50 years before the self-hating Henry Kissinger became the United States Secretary of State.  Germany also had a constitution, which we learned is about as good a guarantee as the people behind it.

The United States has a good constitution.  The United States also has elitists who control much of the media and encourage masses to trample on the constitution.  Will Sleepy, Creepy, Dopey, Joe Biden be able to withstand Donald Trump’s war to expose grand fraud in the November 3 election?  I don’t know.  I hope that by miracle Donald Trump emerges as President for another four years.  But make no mistake about it, right now it looks bad.  It looks like Biden who is just a puppet for the extreme left will probably end up as President next month, unfortunately.

The Cat Is Out of The Bag

Long before his probable inauguration, Joe Biden has played a lot of his cards.  They are many cards and they are bad cards for America, Jews, and Israel.  The worst socialists are being promised powerful positions.  The biggest haters of Israel along with the supporters of Antifa and BLM are being promoted as well.  Biden and the Democrats have no fear of the once so called Jewish lobby in America.  After all, the majority of American Jews voted for Obama’s assistant even though the level of anti-Semitism has risen to unprecedented levels. 

In New York city the largest Jewish community outside of Israel, Jews are physically attacked almost daily and are the Pandemic scape goats of both Socialist New York city mayor De Blasio and New York Ultra-Leftist governor, Andrew the nursing home slayer Cuomo. 

Colleges and Universities around the country are rife with open hatred of Israel and Jews.  Most Americans have no idea what happened to the Jewish People in the holocaust.  The BDS movement in conjunction with the ‘Squad’ led by AOC and BLM and Antifa, spell bad news for Jews everywhere that they can be identified, especially Jewish owned businesses.

Throughout our history Jews have produced some vile self-haters.  Karl Marx came from Jews.  Leon Trotsky and many, many, Communist leaders in the former USSR were born Jews.  It didn’t matter.  Anti-Semitism flourished in Russia even as the Jews were forcibly assimilated.

Before Hitler was democratically elected by modern Germany, a Jewish leader name Vladimir Zev Jabotinsky went from town to town in Eastern Europe pleading for his brothers and sisters to go home and rebuild in our Land, Eretz Yisrael.  Some listened.  Many opposed him and died.  Today, we honor him and his efforts in fighting for an independent Jewish state that he didn’t live to see.

In our times we saw the emergence of the tough Jew as was espoused by the late great martyred Rabbi Meir Kahane, may G-d avenge his blood. His books sit proudly in my bookcase in my library.  Classics such as ‘Never Again’ and even more relevant right now, ‘Time to Go Home’.  Well, many of you laughed 30 and 40 years ago at the warning articles, speeches, and dinners.  “It won’t happen here”.  “It can’t happen here”.  I ask you, why not?

Below is a poem I wrote in the middle of the 2nd Intifada.  I hope you heed the words of our Torah and of the great ones, even when it’s not popular or comfortable.  Please come home while you can with your assets in hand.  Please come home before history G-d forbid, repeats itself with a vengeance.  The most unifying remedy for the Jewish people is joining with each other in unity ‘Achdut’ in the only place in the world where we can accomplish this: Eretz Yisrael.

Please come home.

Because I am a Jew

by Yosef Ben Tzion (Joel Busner) – December 2001


In whatever strange land you reside
No matter if by every one of their laws you abide
They’ll hate you in private and sometimes out loud
Even if you don’t act or feel very proud

Try and run from who you are

But wherever you go
You won’t get far

You may be poor
You may be rich
But you’ll never quite be accepted
’cause of just one hitch

You see my friend you are a member of a chosen few
The world despises and hates you
Because you are a Jew

Now I am home in our chosen land
But the violence is spreading a bit out of hand

Of course they will blame us
Every time an Arab blows up a Jewish bus

Our enemies now walk our streets with glee
As they watch our soldiers turn and flee
There is something however that they don’t yet see
And that is the rise to extinguish this fear by people like me

We can’t let our home become Aushwitz, Treblinka, or worse
We don’t see the Diaspora as our haven but rather a curse
We are a new generation of people with love
Who fear no gentile just G–d up above

I came home to live
And one day I’ll die
But being B’Aretz is truth
And abandoning her is a lie
Israel is here to stay
Many have perished to make it that way

Their souls are watching us to see what we’ll do
In tribute to them I’ll fight on
Because I am Jew


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