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A long time ago, at the end of another very long day pursuing a dream, I sat on a high stool behind the cash register of my kosher deli, in Long Island, New York.  It was winter and darkness set in early.  As one of the employees began to sweep up the floor before mopping it, a middle aged couple came into the store.  These were comfortable Jews.  He came from a long day at the office and she had freshly manicured nails.  They were ordering some fresh chicken noodle soup and sliced brisket with gravy to take home.  While waiting for me to slice the pound and a half of brisket, the husband noticed some flyers and posters in the window by the entrance to the store.  As I turned to face them to ask if they would like to order anything else, the husband asked me, “Who put up the flyer?”  Being that there were several flyers on display, I inquired about which one he was referring to?  He pointed to one of them that had a photo of Jonathan Pollard, and with hatred he never showed Louis Farrakhan or David Duke, he cursed at Pollard.  I politely told him that I had put up the flyer at the request of the group that was organizing a demonstration on his behalf.  “So take it down”, he bellowed at me.  I told him that I couldn’t do that.  He demanded to know why?  I explained that it would be hypocritical of me on the one hand to have donated food from my establishment to protestors who traveled hundreds of miles to protest outside Pollard’s prison for his freedom, and on the other hand, to take down flyers and posters that promote freeing him from a life sentence.  Needless to say, I lost two customers that evening.

It wasn’t the crime of illegally handing over documents to an ally that bothered this couple and millions of other self-righteous American Jews.  After all, New York’s prisons were full at the time with drug dealers, serial rapists, and murderers.  As for spying, this couple and others like them couldn’t possibly name other American citizens, none of them Jewish who didn’t spy for an ally, Israel, but instead spied for the Soviet Union or China.  The majority of these criminals were by far much more dangerous to American society and caused a much bigger threat to US security, than Jonathan Pollard. 

The problem was that Jonathan Pollard is an American Jew, employed by the Government of the United States who was paid to spy for Israel.  This was an embarrassment.  It didn’t matter that the US was remiss in handing over to Israel much of the same information that was vital to her National security.  It didn’t mean very much that other US traitors spied for dangerous enemies of the United States and that Israel was a proven ally.  It certainly didn’t occur to these types of Jews that there was a good chance that Jonathan Pollard’s crimes against the United States saved Jewish lives in Israel.

See No Good See Hear No Good

The politicians and journalists from the Israeli left are very unhappy that Jonathan Pollard intends to make Aliya with his wife.  They warn us not to celebrate his arrival, instructions which many including myself, will wholeheartedly ignore.  We the majority of Jews in Israel includes the 25% of Jews in America who voted for Trump.  We see the early freeing of Sholom Rubashkin from prison by President Trump as a good thing.  We hear the news and we rejoice.  We hear that the Palestinian Authority gets kicked out of Washington, has their American bank accounts closed, and we appreciate the good news.  The US recognizes Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan and we say thank you, even though without this recognition it still would be ours.   Why is former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert upset about Pollard returning?  Well, during his tenure as Prime Minister he was ready to give away 92% of Judea/Samaria, Eastern Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights.   Trump the Gentile foreigner is more of a Zionist than Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert, 2 of Israel’s past notorious Leftist prime ministers. 

President Trump signed executive orders to outlaw anti-Semitic behavior on college campuses.  Does this matter to most Jewish members of the Democratic Party?  Not one bit. The fact that Jews have been stabbed, beaten, spit on, robbed, and often shot in America in the last couple of years hasn’t moved these leftist sheep to wake up and learn to defend themselves and Jewish communities all over the United States.

The news from America will get worse if you are openly Jewish and want to live a Jewish lifestyle.  The so called progressives in the Jewish community will continue to unite with BLM, Antifa, and BDS.  The completely assimilated ones such as Bernie Sanders, will condemn Israel for defending Jewish lives in our land, over and over again.  These traitors to the Jewish People will align themselves with the worst haters of Israel and the Jews. 

History Repeats Itself

The worst and most vicious anti-Zionist anti-Jewish religion members of the Communist party in Russia back in Lenin and then Stalin’s day were born Jewish.  Throughout Jewish history we find those that have sought favor from our enemies, were always willing and ready to sell out their fellow brothers and sisters.  Why?

It is because of their lack of faith.  Our history means little or nothing to them.  So many of our daily prayers, psalms, etc, and especially our holidays, are also repeated history lessons.  We learn that as a Nation that when we care for each other, when we have faith, we remember the good and work towards it.  We also remember the bad and try not to repeat the behavior that brings bad things upon us. 

An Invitation

We have a destiny.  Jonathan Pollard sat in jail for 30 years, never denying his love for Jews and the Land of Israel.  He waited 30 years and then several more years until now being in jail at home in Manhattan as a prisoner still.  Now the sentence has ended.  The President that day was Donald J. Trump.  No more conditions. No more negotiations.  No more half-hearted lobbying by scared Israeli leaders.  Notice the Hanukah parties at the White House under Trump and see the Orthodox rabbis running the ceremonies and then you begin to understand the lesson.  The Nations may not like us more if we behave as commanded by our Creator.  However, the righteous Gentiles will respect us, appreciate our role in the world.  I’m quite sure that If Obama or Biden were president this past week, somehow more roadblocks would be put in Jonathan Pollard’s path to come home.  Those who see no evil and hear no evil would have nothing to say.  Thank G-d, in spite of the self-hatred, in spite of the indifference to a fellow brother, G-d had mercy for brother Jonathan and he will come home, still standing, still proud.

Here is one Jew in Israel who will toast a l’Chayim and say a prayer of thanks to Hashem and show appreciation to Jonathan Pollard for his Mesirut Nefesh, self-sacrifice, on behalf of the Jewish People. 

I hope that many of you who read this will see the miracle of Pollard living to come home to Eretz Yisrael and see and hear the evil around you that is growing in the United States, and come home to our land, your land.  The Holy Land.  Shabbat Shalom.


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