Can Foreigners Buy Land in Israel?

Can Foreigners Buy Land in Israel?



Director, Buy a Piece of Israel
Founder, L'Ma'an Ha'am

We are asked regularly by Jews and Non Jews whether or not foreigners, meaning non-citizens of Israel can purchase land in Israel.

Before I give the answer, I first must qualify what buying land in Israel means by definition:

-93% of the land in the State of Israel is not privately owned.  This means that approximately 80% is government owned and 13% is owned by Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael or KKL (the Israeli version of the Jewish National Fund, JNF).  Many Moshavim have plots of land for homes with farming land that people purchase through a long term lease.  To purchase these types of lands one must be a citizen of the State of Israel.  There are other planned communities such as Yishuvim (settlements) where it is also required that the purchaser of the land be a citizen.

-When we are talking about purchasing private land, we are referring to the 7% of the land in the State of Israel that is privately owned.  If one is not sure of the status of ownership of a parcel of land, for a small credit card fee, one can check with the government land registry online and see what is called the ‘Nesech Tabu’, which is the equivalent of the Title holder(s) of a specific parcel of land.  If it is privately owned, it will have the name(s) of the owner(s) and an identification number(s).

To buy private land in Israel a person or corporation does not have to be either a citizen or a resident of the State of Israel.  This has positive and negative ramifications.  On the one hand, any Jew at any time from anywhere in the world may purchase private land in Israel.  On the other hand, unfortunately, anybody from anywhere may purchase private land in Israel.  Many enemies of a Jewish State in the land of Israel have purchased private land in Israel knowing about this flaw in protecting Jewish sovereignty in the land.  In almost all these cases these purchases were made and are still made with the objective of replacing Israel with Palestine.  This was and remains the main reason why we began the Buy a Piece of Israel project.  We felt that the more Jews from Israel and the Diaspora would own land in Israel, the stronger the connection would be between the People and the Land and in doing so, would thwart the efforts of many of our enemies to quietly change the status by changing ownership facts on the ground!

We were correct then and we know now that we are even more correct today as pressure from within and from without continues to mount against Israel’s very weak government leadership who refuse to annex Judea/Samaria, declare complete Jewish sovereignty on the Temple Mount, push to Judaize East Jerusalem, and put an end to Bedouin land grabs and similarly by Arabs in the Galilee in the North.  Instead, we are seeing the non stop proliferation of illegal building and land grabs in Area C of Judea/Samaria, while the fake right wing imposters Bennett and Shaked, continue to sell out their voters and the rest of the Nation by legalizing and funding most of this illegal construction, all with our tax money!

There are Jews in the Diaspora and some in Israel who don’t understand and are brainwashed into believing that Jews from abroad purchasing agricultural land in Israel are squeezing out housing land for Jews in Israel.  First they should look at the numbers:

-East Jerusalem now has over 250,000 maybe even 300,000 Arabs

--The Galilee is majority Arab

-The Negev is well over 30% Bedouin and growing and they occupy much more land than the Jews.

-In the center of the country we are losing many cities such as Ramle, Lod, Acko, Yaffo, etc.

-Judea/Samaria has huge amount of empty land that the government refuses to annex what is historically and morally ours, which reduces potential housing for millions of Jews and subsequently plays a major role in the non stop rise of apartment prices throughout the Jewish communities in Israel.

Can You Can Buy Land in Israel?


Dear Jewish supporter of Israel,

With the above facts in mind, please consider being part of a growing trend of Jewish people from everywhere who realize that to be part of the future of a Jewish State of Israel, means that one should own a portion of it.

How to Buy Land in Israel

If you are still not living in Israel (we hope you will make Aliya soon!), you can purchase private land in Israel by finding reputable real estate companies or law offices that deal in the 7% private land.  You can ask for references and/or endorsements.  It is well worth it for the small fee for their services which can help you avoid the many pitfalls of purchasing ‘blind’.  You may contact us at Buy a Piece of Israel for a consultation free of charge.  In the meantime, we’re here keeping the lights on for you.


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