We must win properly – and permanently

'We must win properly - and permanently'

Joel Busner, the founder of the organization Buy a Piece of Israel, which encourages Jews from all over the world to buy private land in Israel, speaks with Arutz Sheva – Israel National News about the effects of the war on the land of Israel. “We have four plots in Yaniel and a Galilee country […]

The new owners of the Land of Israel

The new owners of the Land of Israel

Jews of every origin gather in the upper Galilee region to celebrate owning their very own piece of the land of Israel. A group of Jews from all walks of life gathered in a field near the city of Rosh Pina in northern Israel, to share in the unifying cause of working the land of […]

Olive Grove For Sale

Olive Grove For Sale

How To Own Your Own Olive Grove In Israel To many, the idea of owning an olive grove in Israel seems like a nice idea, but not realistic.  We will explore the concept of an olive grove for sale by showing the different options that exist to enable you to own your own olive grove […]

Regavim: Bedouin Land Decision an ‘Historic Mistake’

The Regavim movement for protection of state lands said, Sunday, that it will return to the Supreme Court with a petition to invalidate Sunday’s cabinet decision to approve proposals by Minister Benny Begin to change a program to regulate Bedouin settlement in the Negev. The change will add tens of thousands of dunams to Bedouin holdings. On […]

Illegal Arab Occupation and Unhindered Arab Building

If you are a Jewish youth and erect a hut it gets demolished. But if you are a Bedouin and build an illegal mansion it’s a different story. If you are a Jewish youth and erect a hut on an Israeli hilltop as a centre for your excursions to have fun with your friends, it […]

Eldad: Why Did JNF Give in to Bedouin Land Thieves?

(by Maayana Miskin)   MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) is demanding to know why the Jewish National Fund (JNF) has stopped planting trees in the Negev following protests from Bedouin land thieves. In a letter to honorary JNF co-chairman Eli Aflalo, Eldad said the JNF’s inaction means it no longer has a purpose.   “I was […]

Surprise: Most of Israel’s Pre 1967 Private Land Held by Arabs

by Gil Ronen  (Israelnationalnews.com) Arabs possess most of the private land in Israel, despite their composing only 20% of the population, a researcher revealed Thursday. The researcher referred to Israel including the Golan Heights and eastern Jerusalem, but not including Judea and Samaria, where Israeli sovereignty has not been formally applied yet. Israel’s territory is […]

Interview: Pushing Back Against Arab Land Grabs

By Fern Sidman (Israelnationalnews.com) Joel Yosef Busner, Director, Buy a Piece of Israel As a result of demographic and political trends in the past 25 years, Israel finds itself in the midst of a national crisis of hitherto unknown proportions: Jewish farmers and landowners are victimized by the illegal expropriation of their land through means […]

Saudi Sheikh Tries to Buy Israeli Land Using Straw Men

(by Elad Benari) A common concern within Israel is that Arab tycoons from the Gulf as well as Arabs from other countries around the world will try to purchase lands in Israel from farmers who are undergoing financial difficulties. According to Roni Cohen, head of the Yavne’el Local Council in Northern Israel, this concern might […]

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